Year round visitors to Morija will find that the area offers picnic areas, braai pits, hiking trails and pony trekking in the most spectacular scenery, convenient to the guest houses. At  the Maeder House Gallery and Linotšing Workshop, visitors can discover local arts and crafts, including pottery.

The Morija Museum and Archives carry on the tradition of Morija, as a centre of learning, innovation and excellence, in Lesotho. Morija Museum is home to many cultural treasures including, traditional Basotho artifacts as well as Lifaqane and Boer War memorabilia. The Archives were started by the Founder of Masitise Mission Rev. D. F. Ellenberger during his 59 years of mission work in  Lesotho. This collection was preserved and augmented by various missionaries, especially Rev. Brutsch who has increased the collection tremendously. The Morija Archives which is particularly renowned for its documentation of the 19th Century Lesotho.

During the festival, activities for the whole family include concerts, art exhibits, horse races, rope climbing, bull riding and more! And of course traditional Basotho cuisine.

For more information on pony trekking, please contact: Kefuoe Namane (+266 58906150 or +266 57007865)

For more information on Morija Museum, call +266 22 360 308 or email

Visitors have various options for accommodation in Morija, including guest houses and home stays with local families, visit this link for information.



Pony trekking in Morija

Rope climbing at Morija Festival

Bull riding at Morija Festival


Pottery at Linotšing Workshop


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