To achieve peace, unity and progress through cultural renaissance in Lesotho.

“Kaofela re chabana sa Khomo”

“Unity in Diversity”


  • To create an annual Lesotho Brand with activities across the country that run through the year but culminates in a flagship events in September/October
  • To enhance culture through reclaiming, preserving, adapting and presenting incorporating those from other cultures.
  • To present and promote Lesotho arts, crafts and performance to Basotho and to the outside world.
  • To enhance use of culture in economic development
  • To promote the development of artists, crafters and performers and the wider arts community as well as sustainable cultural organisations and industries.
  • To create platform for in addressing social issues.


An initiative to help revive tourism after the devastating political upheaval in   Lesotho  that followed the 1998 elections was the Morija Arts & Cultural Festival in 1999. It was hoped that the Festival would promote peace, unity and confidence among the Basotho. It later became an event which provides a showcase for Lesotho’s diverse cultural heritage. The Royal Family, especially Her Majesty, the late Queen Mother, ‘Mamohato have offered the greatest moral support to the Festival. Her Majesty Queen ‘Masenate has graciously accepted to become the formal Patron of Morija Museum and the Morija Festival. The Festival has now grown to become the largest of the Museum’s undertakings and Lesotho’s premier cultural event that displays cultural groups and performers from across Lesotho and neighbouring countries, from most traditional to the modern.


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